Text 14 März 15 Anmerkungen a lil experience of mine :D

I just finished watching a superb Thai movie: ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ (well, in Indonesia the title is translated that way). I found some similarities :)

  • Walk pass to see his face" - I DID this when I was in elementary school. in my case, this happened just like Nam did. I asked permission to go to the restroom, but what actually I did: walking pass just to see his face :D
  • Keep things as souvenir" - this happened in junior high. I was having a bit quarrel then I accidentally hurt myself. he felt sorry because he was defending himself with a guitar which I got scratch from. he gave me a band-aid. I STILL keep it in my wallet XD
  • Call him just to hear his voice" - I called him on the first day I entered senior high. he mocked me that I couldn’t surpass him. it was a bit annoying; but his voice was relaxing :)
  • Does everything to become beautiful" - I don’t do any make-over. but I did increasing my study intensity; just like Nam said, he was giving me a kind of motivation to do something better and better X)
  • Face him directly" - I didn’t confess. it was a bit late for him(?) haha. I was in a relationship with my childhood friend. I’ve been through >4years with him; he loves me until he dies. his words aren’t lies. and I still love him. (my dear Antonio Charles David Chandra, you’re the greatest!)
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